Remember watching Kanaval when you were younger? Practicing those dance moves in front of the mirrors for hours. You were so serious that you rounded up a couple of your best friends and formed a danced group. Things probably didn’t work out but you still had a love for dance that would not go away. Till this day when you hear the music,  your head starts bobbing, your feet start tapping, before you know it you feel the beat pulsating through your veins; sweat dripping. legs moving. hips swaying. hair flipping. having the time of your life. You feel alive, jubilant, you don’t want this moment to end. That’s dance! Afro-Danciac (afro-dance-iac) is all about the love of dance! We focus more on the Afro genre of dancing. We are not professionals. Just regular people who love one of the most compelling forms of movement around. A fusion of Zouk, Soukous, Dancehall, Kompa, Mapouka, Afro-cuban, Afro-urban, and so much more. We aim to showcase and celebrate these dance forms we don’t hear or see often.

-Dare 2 Move. Dare 2 Feel. Dare 2 Dance!

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