Dance 2 Break Injustice


Dance 2 break this cycle of injustice. Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis and God forbid any other family that has to or had to face this. Speak up, dance, make a difference. Color doesn’t matter. What matters is someone lost their life. What’s worse is he was only 17 years old.

Lost Dance Culture


Because we live in a culture surrounded by sex as a result we have lost the basic art and technique of dance. So many people grinding and shaking that we don’t have as many real dancers anymore. Basic techniques have been thrown out the window and replaced with styles such as twerking. Not knocking it, I’m just saying. Does that really require much effort? Where’s the footwork, where is the wow factor?

The Art of Dance


Dance is art. art is expression. It shouldn’t matter the race, ethnicity, or cultural background behind the dancer. I think sometimes we get to caught up on the appearance of things that we forget about what really matters. The feel! Can’t feel it, Can’t move to it!  If it doesn’t stir some sort of emotion then it hasn’t reached the desired effect. “Dance 2 Express not Impress!”